Established in 1986.
Dedicated to manufacture fine bathroom and kitchen faucets and accessories.

We are a family-run company operating from Barcelona, Spain. At Maier, we are committed to design and reliability a formula driven by our passion for excellence and guaranteed by three generations of experience. Exclusive collections designed by Maier decorate bathrooms and kitchens in notorious hotels and residences in more than 60 countries.

Global projects
Our values

As a family-run business, we love our work and believe in what we do.

Team Spirit

We work hard with our partners towards a common goal.


We constantly strive to adapt to new trends.


Our conduct ensures Maier is a company worthy of trust.


We contribute to preserve the environment by designing water-saving faucets.


We can adapt to our customers’ local market needs.

Quality Approvals

Maier is dedicated to produce with the highest standard of quality and according to regulatory requirements of the international certification bodies.

Responsibility and commitment with the environment
Saving energy

Since its foundation, Maier has strived to develop and include water saving technology in its mixers. Creative and sophisticated ideas, exclusive designs and environment care are the main pillars of our philosophy.


Our ecologic responsibility has 360 degrees, starting from the very beginning of the creation of our products, selecting the materials more environmentally friendly, but also applying waste recycling processes.

Global Projects
  • Boutique hotels
  • Sumptuous villas
  • Palaces and sophisticated residences

The seal of our brand brings added value to interior designers from the five continents.

Maier’s collections combine perfectly with contemporary architecture, in classical or minimalist designs, but always with a personality that adds meaning and sensitivity. Maier has participated in outstanding architectural projects in Canada, United Kingdom, China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and in more than sixty countries.

From the idea to the design
MAIER technical department

Our creativity is transformed into reality. The first design drafts are the origin of the metamorphosis of the metal into a jewel.

We work all details with the latest technology to embody the distinctive beauty of our faucets and accessories.
A dream comes true by the hand of our designers and engineers.
Each new creation of unique shapes and decoration is designed to reflect the light and destined to become an icon in the finest luxury bathrooms.